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  • 24 September 2015 Red Bulls extend lead at top of Serie A Red Bulls have taken the lead in the title race to 6 points after a convincing 5-1 win over defending champions Bengaz Stars. It was a magnificent display of skill and speed from both teams but the crucial factor was that Bengaz Stars could not put any of their shots on target. The game plan from Red Bulls was executed perfectly by closing down Bengaz Stars players forcing them to make mistakes and rush their shots. Red Bulls dominated the first half possession with a quick one touch pas...
  • 21 September 2015 Bengaz Stars VS Red Bulls 8:15pm We have reached the half way mark through Season 8 and what better way to settle it, with defending League Champions Bengaz Stars, playing a crucial League game against Red Bulls @ 8:15PM. Red Bulls are leading the log standings with 24 points, 8 out of 8 wins. Bengaz Stars have a game in hand , 3 points back. Another good game to watch at 6:45pm, Hyenas FC vs PPC Warriors. In Serie B,log leaders Raging Buck Borachos take on a weakened Circolo Italiano team at 8:15pm. Pick of Serie B...
  • 14 September 2015 Week 8- Bengaz Stars and Red Bulls stride Another week has past and Red Bulls and Bengaz Stars match results with convincing wins in Serie A. Week 8 games to watch: Red Bulls vs Titans @ 6pm Hyenas vs Obama Boys @ 8:15pm Serie B continues and games to watch: Faithwear united vs Hellas FC @ 6:45pm Circolo Italiano vs ICP Dozers @ 8:15pm
  • 8 September 2015 WEEK 7 Week 7 rolls out big fixtures. Al Fahood vs MSC Saturn @ 7:30pm Shufflers B vs Raider Nation @ 8:15pm In Thursdays League Serie A, log toppers Raider Nation play a tricky game against 3rd placed Shufflers B to try maintain top spot. 2nd placed Al Fa Hood take on 5th placed MSC Saturn in a fiery encounter. Serie B has runaway team ABCDE FC leading. No doubt this team should have been playing in the Serie A with all the thumping scores they churn out every week. ABCDE FC vs FBC...
  • 19 August 2015 Tuesday & Thursday league resume After a weeks break both Tuesday and Thursday night Leagues have resumed and its business as usual. Just a few rules reminders which commonly are misunderstood. 1) Tackling from behind- referees will blow for a direct free kick if a player trys to snatch the ball from the opposition s feet if they come from behind the back of the oppositions heels. Consistent infringements will lead to a yellow card. 2) 3 meter rule from a free kick- if a player is not 3 meters away from the ball and...
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  • Tue 6:00PM Dindingwe vs Titans - Pitch A
  • Tue 6:00PM Green Mambas vs Circolo Italiano - Pitch B
  • Tue 6:45PM PPC Warriors vs Predators - Pitch A
  • Tue 6:45PM Hellas FC vs Raging Buck Borachos - Pitch B
  • Tue 7:30PM Hyenas vs Bengaz Stars - Pitch A
  • Tue 7:30PM Faithwear United vs Obama Boys - Pitch B
  • Tue 8:15PM PPC 2 vs Red Bulls - Pitch A
  • Tue 8:15PM Gym Razor FC vs Real Unfit - Pitch B
  • Tue 9:00PM ICP DOZERS vs OsTugas - Pitch B
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