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  • 3 December 2014 Champions League/Zambezi Cup breaks 5th Dec- 5th January 2015 There are no more scheduled Cup matches but FRIENDLIES are allowed to continue. If you and your team would like to carry on playing every Tuesday and Thursday night,or any other day of the week, please feel free to arrange Friendly Games against other teams for a day hire of $50 per hour (8am-6pm) and night Hire fee of $60 per hour which includes lights (6pm-9pm). Bookings are essential which can be done via website or call our Forza Bhora Hotline number 0782 527 433. Our Captains meetin...
  • 30 November 2014 DISCIPLINE- FBM,Captains & Ref meeting Tuesday 6th January 2015 This weeks games are the last this year and there will be a 5 week break. We would like to call a Captains meeting the first week of January(6th/2015) before the Champions League Fixtures start again and we can have a chat about the playing rules, discipline and referees to try help with a few of the issues we are all facing. Players and teams need to be warned that continual breach of the disciplinary rules of the league could lead to teams being deducted points or even banned from the Leag...
  • 18 November 2014 Week 2 - Thunderstorms and GOALS this week Thunderstorms won t stop the goals unless LIGHTENING strikes. All players please note that if there is Lightening, referees have been advised to stop the games until it is safe to play.
  • 10 November 2014 CHAMPIONS LEAGUE/Zambezi Cup STARTS TUESDAY 11TH NOVEMBER All the Champions League and Zambezi Cup Group Stage fixtures are now available on the website with the first group stage fixtures being held this Tuesday 11th November 2014(Champions League Teams) and Thursday 13th November 2014(Zambezi Cup Teams) respectively. We will play every week until the 4th December 2014 and there will be a long 5 week break from all competition. The last 2 group stage games will be played early January starting on Tuesday 13th January 2015(Champions League Teams)...
  • 7 November 2014 Turncoats United edge Shufflers B for Cup Title Turncoats United edged past Shufflers B in a low scoring Serie A Cup final last night to claim the Thursday League Serie A Cup. Shibobo FC clinched the Bronze in a third place thriller against AL Fahood. Raider Nation tore apart a depleted Galacticos team in the Serie A Plate Final. In Serie B, the Barbarian Mongrels took League Winners Ouzo Creme Soda to a penalty shoot out and Barbarians came out on top. Redan won the Bronze Medal in a fiesty bronze medal game.Concrete Structures won the...
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